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Why I Chose To Be A Massage Therapist 

I became a massage therapist partly from years of long distance running. I was getting a massage after running a race and the massage therapist said that if I liked getting massages and liked people, I would probably enjoy being a massage therapist. It's true! I love working with my clients- helping others de-stress and reduce their muscular pain/tension is very rewarding!

Jeannie Gross

My Customized Approach To Therapeutic Massage

I trained to be a lmt (licensed massage therapist) through Sage School of Massage in Bend, OR.  Their focus is largely on clinical work- working the muscles specifically. I'm glad I have that as my background in training as I do feel also wired to work on stress relief. I have worked in both settings- clinical and spa and with that I try my best to combine both aspects in my work for my clients.

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