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Headache Troubles?

Do you or someone you know get headaches?

Before taking some medicine for it, I have three tips to help you deal with headaches in a more natural way.

1) How well do you keep yourself hydrated? Our bodies need a crazy amount of water to work properly and being dehydrated can cause headaches. I've heard that often when people take an aspirin with some water for their headache that often it is the water that helped the headache before the aspirin did!

2) Think about getting a regular massage if you regularly get headaches. There are actual knots/triggerpoints in the shoulders, that when tight can cause headaches. Most of my clients that get regular headaches have crazy tight shoulders, necks and even scalps...

3) Try giving yourself or that certain someone a nice scalp massage. Stress doesn’t only just stay in the neck and shoulders. It travels all the way up to your face and your scalp and sometimes massaging the scalp can relieve that tension headache. I have noticed that people who get regular headaches tend to have a scalp that feels like a boulder. People's heads are'nt supposed to feel like a big rock. The scalp is supposed to have some movement to it. So a nice scalp massage can help relieve some of that tension.

These are some of the main tips that I tend to come across that help my clients with headaches- hope they help you or someone you know! Thanks for reading!

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