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Massage Therapy in Bend, OR and Beyond!

It's been a great year at Bear Creek Massage & Esthetics- I've actually just celebrated my 1st anniversary of being in my cozy and pretty space! I have even gotten to enlarge my mini spa by gaining a spa lobby complete with a sweet lil' fireplace to warm and welcome my clients before and after their massages!

Besides business and massage, this April I actually got to travel to the east coast with 2 of my girls to watch my oldest daughter run the Boston Marathon! It was both exciting and nostalgic for me as I got the honor of running it in 2009. (Being a long distance runner for years actually is one of the reasons why I actually became a massage therapist in the first place.)

No sooner did I return home from the east coast, my husband and I drove up to the Puget Sound and got to run the Whidbey Island Half Marathon. What a blessing to see the country from sea to shining sea!

Something running and massage therapy have in common with this last lil' thing I want to share about is all these things have been things that challenge and push me forward. This last thing that challenges me is...competing in pageants! As of right now, I am 2 months away from competing in the Mrs. Cosmos United States Pageant in West Virginia- I am Mrs. Oregon Cosmos United States 2023! :)

My platform or issue that I want to bring to the national pageant stage is the importance of healthy and safe touch. Did you know that America is the

most touch deprived country in the world? It's crazy and sad. Just like babies fail to thrive without nurturing touch, so do kids and adults. Experiencing healthy touch on a regular basis or a lack of it has such an impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health. I am hopeful to help this be an area of growth and change in our country.

So, this has been one blessed and busy year for Bear Creek Massage & Esthetics. I hope this blog finds you well, happy and healthy! Thank you for reading!

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