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Prenatal Massage is a Must!

I'm excited to soon offer in my practice prenatal massage! Something I've realized lately is how much I love working with young moms-maybe partly because years ago I was one. My kids are all driving at this point but I can remember what it was like physically and emotionally taking care of my wee ones while even expecting one in just a few short months.

What do I remember most physically? While pregnant and even having young kids I

remember my upper back, neck and shoulders

bugging me. While pregnant, I definitely remember my lower back hurting so much that I would ask my husband to please massage it.

Some of these feelings and memories are some of the reasons why I became a massage therapist in the first place. To help other women experience the relief that I craved in my years of being a young mom.

I'm excited to have some prenatal massage cushions on the way so the moms who come to me for massage can enjoy lying facedown and their tummy supported while havi

ng their neck, shoulders, back and low back focused on-and even their feet. I'm also finishing up a refresher course on prenatal massage!

Moms have an important job to do-while there is a lil' one growing inside them and also so much after that wee one have been born! I'm happy and excited to help whatever moms come my way with pain relieving and pampering massages.

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