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The Worst Massage I Ever Got!!

I Love getting massages! Even better- I absolutely love getting to travel somewhere new and experience a massage at a local place, like a spa, etc. It's always a learning experience and a great reminder of how good it can be to get a massage, what things feel good and even what things do not feel good so I make sure I don't do them when I'm working with a client.

Well, one time a few years ago, my husband and I were on my birthday trip somewhere and my sweet hubby purchased us a couples massage at this "spa" in the area that supposedly got pretty good reviews. Well, when we got there; it really wasn't what I had in mind. (I don't blame my sweet husband at all in this story- he tried so thoughtfully to set something up and had no idea this place had death all over it, lol!)

So what was so bad about this couples massage? Well, for starters the room where this massage was to take place was darker than the typical massage room- it honestly just had a strong creepy vibe. It was cold- the air conditioning was blasting pretty strong. The shape of the room was an awkward long, rectangular shape so even though it was a couples massage, my husband and I weren't actually even next to each other.

The massage table that I got on was cold and was covered with sheets only. There was no table warmer or even a blanket to help make things cozy and comfortable. I think I was almost literally shivering throughout the massage because of being a combination of creeped out and chilly, lol. I don't think I asked for a blanket, but I really should have.

The last part that was hard to take with this massage was my massage therapist's style of massaging. To me, it was very abrasive and jerky to the point that I wondered if she was trying to give me an adjustment! It put me very much on edge and several times during the massage I had to ask if she could use less pressure and soften her approach. I am actually surprised I made it through that massage without ending it early because I was uncomfortable.

So what is the take home of this crazy story? I guess I would have to say that when you are the consumer or client on the table, remember to speak up for yourself! If you are too cold or too hot, ask if something can be adjusted- the temperature, a blanket added or removed, etc. Definitely speak up if something hurts, the pressure is too light or too much and if it comes down to it, end the massage early if needed- though probably expect to pay the full price still.

Remember, it is your massage - your time and your money. While you might not be able to fix somethings (like the overall creepy vibe of a room) you can and should speak up about the things that can help to make the overall massage experience a more positive one.

Thanks for reading!

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