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Why Get a Massage??

Are you one of those people who have never gotten a massage? I'm talking about a professional massage where you go perhaps to a spa or a private massage practice. Perhaps, you have people in your life who get them all the time and you are wondering what is the draw, anyway? Perhaps the idea of laying on a table with only a sheet and a blanket covering you while a stranger is massaging you sounds like the weirdest idea ever- like why would anyone do that??

While getting a massage, especially for the first time sounds like such a weird idea, there really are some great benefits to not just experiencing one massage, but actually getting a regular massage.

Countless studies have shown that getting a massage can help reduce stress and even reduce the stress hormone- cortisol. Along with that, it can also help with reducing anxiety and improve sleep by increasing/helping you relax. Getting a massage actually has been shown to strengthen the work of our immune system. Last but not least, getting a massage can be great for loosening tight and uncomfortable muscles. You know those tight muscles in your shoulders, upper back (between the shoulder blades), your neck and maybe your lower back? (I can help with those.)

Why do I get a regular massage? As a licensed massage therapist I get a regular massage for 3 reasons: 1) To learn from other massage therapists. I want to keep learning and experiencing what feels good and what doesn't. This might help me to figure out what classes or modalities I need to learn so I can be a better massage therapist. 2) I want to remember what it feels like to be a massage client on the table. That helps me to be a better therapist. Both positive and negative experiences I have will help me to better serve my clients. 3) If I wasn't a lmt I'd probably still want to get a regular massage at least once a month. As a wife and mom and someone who works and has stress, just laying on a table and receiving a massage once a month is a wonderful gift to myself. It's more than that though. It's upkeep for my body that works hard on a regular basis and it's pampering/destressing/pain relief for my muscles/body that I look forward to.


Lastly, why get a professional massage? While getting a massage from a spouse, significant other or close friend will definitely feel nice and most likely be of some help to you. there's something to be said to go to a professional who went to school for this trade- to learn about the muscles, the body and has practiced this healing art on countless individuals. I hope this lil' post answered some of your hesitations or questions about getting a professional massage- if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

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