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Providing Relief from Chronic Pain and Stress 

Massage Bend Oregon

For those who are looking for emotional and physical pain and stress relief with a therapeutic massage in Bend, Oregon, you've come to the right place. As a licensed massage therapist, my goal is to provide therapeutic relief from tension, pain, and stress


With our busy schedules managing careers, home life, and family, we often neglect our inner person and the individual needs of our bodies. Bear Creek Massage & Esthetics is a massage center dedicated to your health and wellness. Alleviating stress, gaining flexibility, finding comfort, and unwinding in moments of self-indulgence are ways I can help you. Having extensive medical massage experience, I can also help alleviate your pain and problem areas through effective massage treatment. 


From massage to facial treatments, pamper yourself and feel calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated in a safe, relaxing, and comfortable space. The warm ambiance induces healing and allows you to melt your worries and stress away as you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed. 


If you are looking for an excellent massage and esthetician in Bend, Oregon, call 503.200.9169 to schedule your massage or facial treatment or Book Your Appointment


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About our Bend Oregon Massage Practice

Jeannie Gross
Licensed Bend Massage Therapist lic #19171

Licensed Esthetician

I am a  graduate of Sage School of Massage in Bend, OR in 2012 for massage therapy and 2016 for esthetics. I chose to become a massage therapist partly because I've always loved the health and wellness industry. I also have my grandmother to thank. She taught me when I was younger to squeeze my dad's toes and rub his temples whenever he came home from work with a headache.  It felt so good to be able to help him feel better!


I became a licensed esthetician after years of dealing with my own problematic skin.  I love not only helping others with their skin care journey, but also giving pampering facials.

As a massage therapist, I have worked in both the spa setting and medical massage setting.  With that, I love trying to combine both the stress relieving side of massage with pain relieving treatment work.

I am most comfortable and enjoy treating things like tight upper back, neck and shoulders (headaches, stiff necks, pain in the shoulder blade area) and also low back pain, like sciatica.

I love improving the health and wellness of my clients in Bend Oregon with massage therapy. With a 5-star rating, guests enjoy the calm and peaceful space combined with relaxing massages and facials. 

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Jeannie Gross - Owner of Bear Creek Massage & Esthetics
I loved the massage and overall experience I had at Bear Creek Massage. I was so relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. The space is calming and peaceful. Jeannie is very respectful and made sure I was comfortable.

Jennifer J.


Jeannie has set up a very relaxing space for massage and facials. She gave me a very thorough full body massage and was able to concentrate on a few problem spots with a little extra attention.

-Kim N.

Jeannie is amazing. You can tell she really cares. After every appointment, I've had I have walked out relaxed and pain free.  She adusts the pressure to your preference and takes the time on the areas that need the most work. I'm looking forward to my next appointment!

Janna M.

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