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Getting a Massage in Bend, OR

So you're visiting in Bend, Oregon or maybe you even live here and you want to get a massage, but you're not really sure who or where to go to and how much will it cost? I've been working in the spa industry as a massage therapist for 10 years at this point so I'm hoping in this blog post today I can help answer at least some of the questions you may have.


One of the first things you may be wondering is how much will it cost to get a massage somewhere in Bend? It's pretty crazy how much the price for a massage has gone up from 10 years ago. When I was in massage school, we were told the going rate for massage was basically $1 a minute, so basically $60 for an hour and $90 for an 1hr and a half. It's possible that some solo practioners might still be charging around that, but that might take a bit of searching around for. As cost of living has gone up in Bend, so has the cost of getting a massage reasonbly so.

If you go to a spa plan on spending around $100 for an hour massage and around $150 for a 90 minute. Of those rates, if you go to a place where the massage therapist is working as an employee, they are probably making an hourly rate of around $30-40. With that, tipping your massage therapist is encouraged and very much appreciated.

If however, you go to a private practice such as mine, I want you to know I have set my rates so the tip is included already and I really don't anticipate getting tipped (but I will gladly accept them if you think it is warranted!)

Where to Go

Your other question you might be wondering is where should you go for your massage? To start off in answering that question, ask yourself what is your main goal for getting a massage? Do you have some muscular thing going on like a kinked neck or some low back pain? Or maybe you have been under a lot of stress lately and just want to relax and zone out somewhere peaceful. Perhaps you or your significant other is expecting and need to go somewhere for a prenatal massage. Or maybe you want to plan a romantic date night that includes a couples massage for you and that certain someone.

I will try here to give you some helpful recommendations on where in Bend to go to if booking with me won't work out for this time. When you do your searching (as there are tons of massage places and therapists here in Bend, I definitely suggest you ask about what the strengths and focuses are of each massage practice/lmt to see if they are a fit for what you are looking for.

While I do offer couple's massage at my practice, I've had my favorite couple's massage and deep tissue massage at: (they also offer fantastic facials)

For prenatal massage and postnatal I encourage you go to Bodywork of Bend .

If you are dealing with things like whiplash, headaches, and vertigo I recommend:

Lastly, two other beautiful spas in Bend that I love are: . I am partial to Anjou as I think the inside of the massage wing of Anjou looks and feels a bit like the Beauty and the Beast Castle! Another top Bend Spa is . I think both of these places are not only a good option for a lovely spa day, but also some deep tissue massage if that's what you are looking for.

I hope this post was at least a bit helpful to you as you navigate getting a massage in Bend, OR! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! :)

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