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A New Development in the Beauty Industry-- Pro Aging

A beautiful new movement is happening in the beauty industry. There is a new term or word choice that is being used and replacing an old term. What was anti-aging is now Pro-Aging.

I think I first became aware that this was becoming a movement when a few months ago, a bare faced Pamela Anderson showed up at Paris' Fashion Week, sitting front row and make-up free. Her natural look won praises from fellow celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Scarlett Johansson. People called it "an act of courage and rebellion" and a "powerful message."

I was reading in my Skin Deep magazine (for Associated Skin Care professionals) about how time has been slowly changing how we as a culture used to look at aging as a negative thing and how that crossed even into the beauty industry and how we were stuck on the "anti-aging " mentality. I really like that someone out there is really trying to shift the conversation into the messages is that aging is a luxury, a gift and a privilege. Also, that age is to be embraced and celebrated-- I love that!

What I also loved about this new concept/word choice of Pro-Aging is that in part of celebrating of growing older, is that we all have the choice of how we want to age. There are so many options of products to services out there and available to us and it is up to each of us to pick and choose what/if any we would like to utilize as we continue on in years. What it comes down to is feeling your best or most comfortable in your skin at every age and it's completely acceptable to do what pleases you and it's ok if you have different wants/needs/desires or make different choices with aging/appearances than that of someone else. I love that, too!

At my practice, in Bend, OR my skincare services include: relaxing and skin pampering facials using products from these lines: SkinScriptx and Green Envee. I also offer a 8 week skin brightening and retexturizing chemical peel package series and lastly, I do have a small homecare retail selection for those interested in changing up or improving their daily skin routine. If there is anything that I can help you with in this department, I would love to be of assistance- feel free to reach out!

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