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I Treated Myself to a Facial!

When was the last time you had a facial or have you ever had one? You might even be thinking "why even get a facial?" Well, I just treated myself to a facial last week as part of my birthday week. To me, it was a cozy and relaxing/pampering treat for the skin on my face and a lil' neck and shoulder massage along with some hand massage.

So, I'm not only a lmt, and an esthetician, now I'm a 47 yr old gal that cares about my skin and aging as gracefully as I can. With that, I have my daily morning and evening skincare regimen. In a perfect world, I would treat myself to a regular monthly facial. Facials in a spa or med-spa work in tandem with your home care to help you reach your skin care goals. The skin care routine at home is a bit like doing your homework or a regular workout for your skin. The professional facial provides a little extra umph to provide your skin with some stronger benefits.

What can you expect if you've never had a facial before? A basic facial is typically a series of steps. You get cozy under the covers on the table (or facial bed), and if you're my client, I'll start you off with a nice warm towel gently wrapped around your face. From there, most likely there will be 2 cleansing steps (sometimes the 2nd cleansing, I will use one of my facial scrub products to provide an additional gentle exfoliating step.) After this step, I'll typically do a skin analysis where we talk about your skin concerns, what your current home care is and from this, I will decide what are the best treatment masks for your skin for this facial. Typically, in my facials at my practice, I use various enzyme masks that offer benefits like gentle exfoliation, brightening, and deep cleansing of the pores. After the enzyme treatment, a lovely hydrating and calming mask will be used. Finally, we will finish you up a toner, a serum, moisturizer, and spf to protect your newly freshened up skin from the sun. (SPF of 30 or higher is recommended to help keep your skin protected from the sun's damaging rays.)

I love giving facials, getting facials, and helping people with their skin care home routine. It's wonderful not only to pamper myself and learn about my skin care needs, but it's even cooler when I get to help and pamper others! Let me know if I can help you!

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