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Pain/Stress Relief and Skincare Goals in Bend, Oregon

The best ever compliments I've received as a lmt was from one of my regulars who had seen me for somewhere around 5 yrs. She was a retired teacher who's body had been banged up through the years from surgeries and falls. She told me every now and then- because I see you every 2 weeks for a massage, I don't have to take my pain pills as much or not all. This made my massage therapist heart so happy! She found something that was able to help her feel better regularly apart from her pain meds and massage therapy did it for her!

I have worked in the medical massage side of things and I know unfortunately not everyone has this testimonial with massage. If this is you, I'm sorry. All of us licensed massage therapists do what we do because we like people and want to try to fix and help them feel better.

With that being said, something I know when it comes to achieving a certain goal or status is that it takes a regular and consistent effort. Whether it's a career, financial,health/wellness, relationship or even like this stuff- pain/stress management or your skin/complexion goals. All these things take showing up consistently in different ways regularly to accomplish your goal.

Something I find often as a massage therapist or as a licensed esthetician is that some new clients tend to be unaware that this one massage/facial treatment is not going to solve all of their problems. The massage/facial might feel good and somewhat effective in the office/spa setting and upon departure, but if the condition is a ongoing/chronic thing, one in office treatment is not going to cut it. Just like going to the gym 1-2x a year is not going to give you the body you want.

If you are one of those fortunate people that massage is what helps to keep you feeling good and pain free, then plan most likely on getting at least 1-2 massages a month. The client that I mentioned in the beginning of this blog got 2 90 minute massages a month. That worked for her.

You will need to find the right therapist that can help you and you'll need to figure out how often you need a massage. Perhaps there will be other things at play as well that could help with your pain/stress management: lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc. All these things can help make a difference.

Same thing goes for your skin care/complexion goals. One facial by itself will not transform your skin, sadly. It's a start. An esthetician like myself can help by steering you in the right direction for your regular daily homecare routine because doing your regular homework is where your skin will start to make ongoing positive changes. It starts with the right products for your specific skin care needs/goals and also your regular diet/lifestyle.

Wherever you are reading this, know that whatever you want to achieve is going to take consistent effort and it will be worth it in the end. If there is anyway I can help you in the area of stress/pain management and skincare if you're in Bend, OR please feel free to reach out!

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