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Have You Tried Pilates Yet?

I've enjoyed exercising most of my life through various forms- my favorites usually being different forms of cardio, like running, rowing, or stair climbing along with some strengh training. For the longest time I've been very interested in trying a one on one pilates session - Today I was very fortunate to get to try it! I'm so glad I did!!

I had my session today at with owner, Isabelle Abrams. I even got to try various exercises on the reformer (like what is pictured here.) What I really appreciated and realized was how some parts of my body I've really forgotten about over the years- or maybe I just haven't fully awakened them in so long, I think especially after having kids. I'm largely referring to my abdominals and other core muscles that I thought I've somewhat worked on over the years, but I realize now how much those muscles have been in a lot of ways dormant since being stretched out from those long ago child bearing days. With experiencing that today, I can also see how those muscles have a part to play in how I carry myself and my day to day posture.

As a massage therapist, something I know and love about our bodies and even specifically our muscles is how they can change and evolve over time. Muscles that were once bound up tight into painful knots can become softer again and healthier with regular bodywork/massage. Just like the rest of our bodies, regular workouts like the Pilates session today can hugely and positively retrain our muscles, joints, etc to function more beautifully as we were designed to do, but ideally it should be on a regular basis to reap the full benefits.

There were parts of today's workout where I felt just clumsy and bungling and then little glimpses of where I almost felt as graceful as a ballerina! I am glad I have another session to look forward to soon. I will definitely have to figure out how I can add this form of exercise into my self care and will absolutely recommend Pilates to others!

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