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To Tip or Not To Tip Your Massage Therapist in Bend, OR

So, you are getting a much needed massage in Bend, OR (or really any where for that matter). You may be wondering either before, during, or right after your massage how much should you tip the massage therapist or maybe- should you even tip at all?? You might also wonder what will the massage therapist or spa staff think of you if you don't tip/will they treat you any different next time you come in for a massage if you didn't tip the last time you were in? In this blog post, I'll do my best to answer these questions you might be wondering.

Should You Tip?

To begin answering this question, I think first the answer is dependent on where are you getting your massage at? Are you at a spa, massage clinic or maybe even at a Chiropractor's office? If so, as someone who has worked in these settings- please tip your massage therapist. They are only making a small percentage of what is being charged for your massage so your tip is hugely helpful in helping them take care of their living expenses. For example, sometimes your chash tip turns into gas money that will help them get to work the next few days.

Private Practice

If you're going to a massage therapist's private practice, like mine, tipping can be a bit different. I have set my rates based on what I need to make my business and life work to support my family and I have also set my rates to basically include tips. Each massage therapist with their own practice will hopefully say the same as I have. Something I was taught in massage school was not to assume that I would get tips, but to be appreciative of them when given.

How Much to Tip?

To answer this simply, I would say to tip 18-20% of what the cost of the massage was. Typically, I have felt pleased when tipped anywhere from $10-20 for a massage. It feels wonderful as a massage therapist when someone tips you a crazy amount like $50- if you have that ability and you were wowed by your therapist's work, it'll make their week or month that you were that generous. It hugely makes up for the people who don't tip at all or leave us a $5 or less, which tends to leave us feeling hugely deflated and wondering what we did wrong...

If You Don't Tip

This goes more for massage therapists not getting tipped at a spa or clinic type setting- we might not totally hate you, but most likely we will probably not want to work with you again. As massage therapists, we really tend to put a lot of heart into our work and our bodies sometimes get beat up in the process while trying to help our clients feel better so when someone doesn't tip and we are working as an employee somewhere, it's possible we will ask the front desk not to be scheduled with you again. As a private practice massage therapist, again for me, it's a different scenario.

From working as a licensed massage therapist for the past 10 yrs in Bend, Oregon these are my thoughts, feelings and opinions on tipping. I hope this was helpful and informative to you.

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